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Jeff Shields
Young at Art Web Services

Jeff Shields has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry. His journey began in 1966 when he took his first programming course, which ignited his passion for everything digital.

Jeff has excelled as a network programmer analyst, web developer, and database specialist/administrator throughout his career. He has witnessed technology's evolution firsthand and consistently adapted to the ever-changing landscape.

Jeff prides himself on creating efficient and innovative solutions. His expertise lies not only in developing intricate code but also in optimizing it for improved performance. He ensures every project meets the highest quality standards with meticulous attention to detail.

Over the years, Jeff has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that has allowed him to navigate complex projects successfully. His problem-solving skills are second to none. He thrives under pressure and delivers exceptional results even in challenging situations.

Although Jeff is now semi-retired, his passion for technology remains unwavering. He is always eager to engage in new projects and contribute his expertise to the ever-evolving digital world. His curiosity pushes him to continuously learn and grow, ensuring his skills are always current.

In addition to his technical proficiency, Jeff is an excellent communicator and collaborator.

Jeff is the person to connect with and explore how to work together if you want to achieve your digital goals.

(250) 240‑0111
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Last Updated on: 2024-07-03