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Jeff Shields

Jeff took his first programming course in 1966 as part of the Math club using key punch cards. As part of his university co-op program he did applied research in an iron ore pelletizing operation where he utilized SPSS to do statistical analysis on the collected data. Paper tape was the storage medium and a printer were the only input and output methods. After returning to school as an adult student in the early 80's, he earned a Diploma as a Electrical Engineering Technologist and made the Dean's List every semester.

After graduation he enter the computer industry in retail technical support and formed a development company. Jeff took every opportunity presented to him to advance his knowledge and skill set.

Today, he is semi-retired after over 30 years experience in the industry as a network programmer analyst, web developer and database specialist/administrator. He has worked on projects for the Toronto Stock Exchange, various government departments, real estate, accommodations, banking, transportation, retail, insurance and educational industries. Jeff has developed accounting and inventory software, e-commerce solutions, reservation systems and on-line catalogues. He has taught various courses at the College level and for businesses.

Jeff Shields has many years of experience in numerous programming languages and web technologies including HTML, XML, CSS, E-commerce solutions, SQL databases, Perl, PHP and Javascript on multiple operating systems.

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