Our Services

Website Design

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All our websites are custom designed giving each a unique look.

As well as creating custom website designs in-house, we work with a number of independent designers or your designer if you have one. Our expertise is in designing and building websites that work. Using a personal approach, we work with you to design and build a web site that works for you.

“As an architect designs a house and the builder constructs it, the same holds for an effective website.”

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Website Development


We provide a wide range of Website Development and Administration services including:

  • Photo/Art Galleries
  • Calendars
  • E-commerce solutions,
  • Database Design (MySQL),
  • Programming — PHP, Javascript, Perl

We subscribe to the open source philosophy and use it wherever and whenever appropriate.

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Search Engine Optimization

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Having a good looking website is only part of the process. Let your potential customers find you, SEO is the key in Internet Marketing. Using the latest white hat SEO techniques, we can help drive traffic to your website.

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Website Hosting


We can provide affordable Website Hosting solutions on Linux based platforms through our partners. We can provide shared or dedicated servers.

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